All aboard the After Gain Train!

Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly has joined forces with several local gyms in the area! Many people assume that because Pig ‘N’ Whistle is a pub, you can’t find a healthy meal on the menu… And this is certainly not the case! We’ve released a limited edition menu that will help you achieve the bikini bod (or Dad bod) you’ve always wanted. So put down that plate of broccoli and chicken, head to Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly and ask to see the After Gain Train menu. Show us a bicep flex and we might even throw in a green juice.

Indooroopilly healthy menu

Here are some ways you can hop aboard the Gain Train, and stay there until you reach your destination!

  1. Plan your route.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail, so set some goals then go smash them!
  2. Get your ticket. We suggest hooking yourself up with a membership to Snap Fitness Sherwood or Snap Fitness Indooroopilly. Mainly because they’re both close to Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly, who are committed to helping you shred for Stereo.
  3. Stay on board.  Train with weights and resistance at least 3 times per week. Tip: Focus on compound exercises.
  4. Track your route. Abs are 80% made in the kitchen. Train all you like but if your diet consists of Veruca Salts from Doughnut Time then you need to reassess your journey! Track your healthy food intake and remember your macros are key.
  5. Don’t skip leg day. No need for an analogy here. Nobody likes a seagull.
  6. When the train stops, rest. Whilst training is often prioritised up in first class, sleep and recovery down in economy class are just as important. Don’t neglect it.
  7. Know when to hop off. Keep weights sessions to 60 minutes or less.
  8. Remember that you need to switch trains every now and then. Vary your program every 3-6 weeks. Keep your body guessing!
  9. Refuel. You need to feed those muscles, even on non-training days.
  10. Head to the Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly for gains on a plate. The new healthy After Gain Train menu includes a full break down of the macros for each meal!

Click here to view this limited release menu.