International Whiskey Day

March 27

A day where all whisky lovers rejoice and like to remember the tipple that has withstood the centuries.

Introduced in 2008 to mark the birthday of Michael Jackson whom brought beer and whisky knowledge to the masses, March 27 is a date not to be taken lightly!

Michael Jackson was a humble Yorkshire man that had a passion for exploring the wondrous world of beers. Travelling the globe to discover the different beer cultures, he not only published many books, but also turned his hand to a new tipple and became even more  well known in the whisky industry. His work in the world of whiskies, exceeded his work with beer, thus he became ‘the most influential modern whisky writer’ around.

On this day, the lovers of this popular drink raise a toast, to honour him and those over the centuries that have mastered the skills of such a tipple, as well as keeping to the tradition of introducing a drop to friends who have never tasted it before.

So grab the unsuspecting souls, and join us on this special day.

Every Pig ‘N’ Whistle will have a special, so don’t miss out and start succumbing to this unique drop.

For all enquiries please contact your local Pig ‘N’ Whistle here.