Month of Whisky | Lagavulin

Scotch, Irish, American, whisky or whiskey… There are many different types of diverse spirit, all with their own sub-division style, flavour and general appeal. For the duration of March Pig ‘N’ Whistle are featuring four top-notch whiskies and we’d love you to join us for a nip.

From 15-21 March, Lagavulin is the feature whisky at each Pig ‘N’ Whistle venue. A small range, Lagavulin still has all the reach of an extensive collection – calling you back again and again to the shores of Islay.


Whisky is life. Whisky comes from the Gaelic word which reads ‘uisge beathe ’, which translates as ‘water of life’. It later came to be pronounced as ‘ uski’ , which then turned into whisky!


There have been distilleries at Lagavulin since the 18th century; though it wasn’t until 1816 that farmer John Johnston founded the first legal operation. A year later a second distillery appeared, this one run by Archibald Campbell. The two were united under a Glasgow trader, and in 1887, Peter Mackie arrived at the distillery, and the name Lagavulin, was to become the last word in Islay malt.


For a drink that will knock your socks off, try a Lagavulin Angus Collins, a sour based on the huge peat-smoke that’s typical of southern Islay whisky Lagauvlin.


Gammon, scallops, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, smoked oyster dressing ($39).