St Patrick’s Day

Erin go Bragh!

The St Patrick’s Day celebrations at Pig ‘N’ Whistle are renowned and the Irish in Brisbane congregate from far and wide to drink Guinness, eat from our traditional Irish menu and make a LOT of noise. Between the seven Pig ‘N’ Whistle venues there will be fantastic live entertainment in the form of Irish dancers, Irish pipers, Irish soloists/guitarists and more!

Get ready for Guinness promotions and to eat your body weight in Irish stew. It’s going to be a busy St Patrick’s Day so we highly recommend you book a table now. A special Irish menu will be available from Saturday UNTIL SOLD OUT. Check it out here.


Grab yourself a St Patrick’s Day t-shirt and Guinness Pie for just $40!



Piper: 2:30-3pm
Dancer: 3:30pm
Band: 7-11pm

Queen Street Mall

Piper: 12-12:30
Dancer: n/a
Band: 3:30-7pm

King George Square

Piper: 1:30-2pm
Dancers: 4:30pm
Band: 3:30-7pm, 7:30-11pm

Brunswick Street

Piper: 5:00-5:30pm
Dancers: 2:15pm
Band: 2:30-6pm, 6:30-10pm

West End

Piper: 3:30-4pm
Dancers: 5:30pm
Band: 6-8:30pm


Piper: 6:30pm
Dancers: 7:15pm
Band: 7:30-11pm

Redbank Plains

Piper: 7:15pm
Dancers: 8:15pm
Band: 7:30-11pm