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Coopers Vintage Ale Dinner with Dr Tim

West End

6:30pm - 10:30pm Thursday, 22 June

Coopers Vintage Ale Dinner with Dr Tim

Join us in igniting your inner foodie and beer enthusiast through an extra special dinner with a Pig ‘N’ Whistle style twist!

Why would you pair dinner with one drink when you can pair it with four? Introducing you to Coopers Vintage Ale Dinner with Dr Tim. Take the ultimate culinary journey with us, as we combine the art of beer tasting with fine cuisine. Each course has been meticulously crafted and expertly paired with a beverage to complement, hand selected by Dr Tim Cooper, managing director and chief brewer at Coopers Brewery. Dr Tim will guide your taste buds through the complex flavour profiles of each drink while sharing his vast knowledge and passion for the art of beer making.

We’ve prepared a four course menu including two starters, a main and a dessert. Each item will be paired with a Coopers beverage, matching its prospective menu item in flavour profile and tasting notes. Whether you’re in it for the beer or the exquisite chef curated food, you will simply enjoy every minute of the Coopers Vintage Ale Dinner with Dr Tim.

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