About Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End

Nestled amongst prime real estate in South Brisbane, Pig 'N' Whistle West End has attributed to the precinct's great dining allure.

Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End is the newest addition to the Pig ‘N’ Whistle family. The trendy and modern bar and restaurant opened in December 2015 and has been warmly welcomed by the neighbourhood’s community. Using elements from each of the other five Pig ‘N’ Whistle establishments, owners Jenny and Godfrey Mantle were able to identify the most successful components of their business and use them as a foundation to create a contemporary destination for local and international diners.

Pig ‘N’ Whistle is a stone’s throw from the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End is a unique destination and ideal to visit before a convention, exhibition or show. The premier lifestyle and cultural hub of Brisbane, South Bank, is quite literally at our doorstep. Pig ‘N’ Whistle is a great place to stop en route to the many events and festivals that take place throughout the year.

Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End is dedicated to working in collaborative partnerships with businesses in South Bank to promote its thriving arts and theatre culture. Our contribution to what South Bank has to offer is vital to its success. We are proud to support engineering, mining and construction bodies, arts organisations and neighbouring eateries.

A West End Spectacle

With an ever evolving food culture taking Australia by storm, Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End boasts two distinct dining offerings. The newly refurbished West End Dining Room follows in the footsteps of its popular Indooroopilly counterpart, its concept driven by shifting expectations and changing attitudes toward food. Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End was established to fulfil the need for a venue that allows for both a casual drink and intimate meal. The Dining Room menu has been carefully curated by our Head Chef using eclectic flavours and quality ingredients. We are proud to deliver dishes inspired by flavours of the world using seasonal produce, cooked by experienced and passionate chefs.

To read more about the Dining Room, click here.

The Pig ‘N’ Whistle West End Mission Statement

Pig ‘N’ Whistle’s mission statement is to treasure all customers. Providing our customers with a wonderful dining experience is our biggest priority. Delicious, fresh food, diverse beverages and service with a smile are key elements to our service delivery. We take pride in creating memorable experiences for every guest who dines at Pig ‘N’ Whistle.

To enquire about our service policy or to discuss your experience please call head office on 07 3456 1512. Alternatively, please email us.